How to Setup a SSL Secure Server (HTTPS) in Local IIS

Sometimes it is necessary to test your local code using a secured protocol (https). All browsers have the capability to interact with secured web servers using the SSL protocol. Fortunately, if you are developing on a .NET stack, IIS makes this relatively easy by using self-signed certificates. This brief tutorial assumes that you have a good understanding of IIS and .NET development. Open IIS and select your root machine/server instance within the ‘Connections’ pane on the left Within the ‘Features View’ pane, find and duble-click on the ‘Server Certificates’ icon Within the ‘Actions’ pane on the far right, select ‘Create Self-Signed Certificate’ Give your certificate any friendly name (it doesn’t matter what), then complete the Wizard Now that you have created a certificate for your local server, you will just need to assign it to the site(s) you are working with.

Test localhost from any device on your LAN using Node

Have you ever been developing a site locally and wanted to test your work on all of your devices? For instance, I am working on a couple of responsive Node apps on my laptop, but I wanted to be able to run those apps on my tablet or phone connected over Wifi to my LAN. So after a little research and pulling together some resources, I was able to get it working.